Audition Assistant is an app developed out of a true necessity for a professional tool for classical musicians. A well prepared selection of essential features will help you at your everyday practising routines.

Audition Assistant is a first part of a multidimensional music platform which is being created in the musical heart of Europe. Our Team consist of professional musicians, composers, arrangers and software developers. Our aim is to bring a fresh-digital air into the beautiful world of the classical music and help people achieve their skills with some modern, cutting edge technologies.

  Developed by Nimikry Music in Vienna, Austria

Meet our team

Rafal Dominik Zalech

A cofounder of Audition Assistant. In the real life, a trained viola player and composer. Active in the classical contemporary music scene with new music Ensembles all over the globe.

Alessandro Baticci

A cofounder of Audition Assistant. Inventor of multiple gadgets for the wind instruments, plays all kinds of flutes and composes. 

Benedikt Sailer

The head of the programming department. A true hybrid of musical knowledge and the strange world of software developers.