You can download and install Audition Assistant on any apple/android Mobile or Tablet for free. You can use a metronome and a tuner and preview a demo piece. The built-in in app purchase system allows you to buy pieces from our library.

It depends on the smartphone/tablet you’re currently using. You can try to put the volume of your device up. Anyway we recommend a use of an external speaker in order to get the best results. 

You can freely use the App with any Bluetooth Loudspeaker. Once you paired your Loudspeaker with your phone,  Audition Assistant will automatically switch the audio stream to it. 

The app shows you the suggested tempo for the piece you’re practising. Use the tempo wheel to set it globally for your needs. Note that wether slowing down/speeding up the tempo absolutely doesn’t affect the audio quality of your accompaniment! 

If you choose the “count-in” option in your app, the metronome click will count-in the desired numbers of bars including the upbeat bar.    

We decided not to use the score-following algorithms because of many reasons. The main one is, that this function never really works properly in the real world, and for practising purposes it is actually better to keep a stabile tempo.

All the piano parts are recorded by professional pianist who work in the Music Universities / Music High Schools (mainly Vienna Music University). All the recordings are made with quality urtext sources and are consulted with the members of orchestras such as Vienna Philharmonic.